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What We Do!

Our goal is to provide a service to commercial company's as well as the public sector for their development and hardware needs. This includes designing and building software from scratch using the best software on the market to accomplish this, Also repairing hardware is cheaper than you think its easy as 1,2,3 first a no hassle free quote, 2nd its left with you for you to make the decision and third we do the work promptly and efficiently. We work with languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML, C#, Kotlin and much more. Below you can find a small portion of the work we have already done developing android applications.

If you have an idea but cannot turn it into a reality or you have a piece of hardware which needs a little tlc to get it to it's former glory then dont hesitate to contact us.

Small Number Of Previous Projects

D-Info - On GooglePlay

An android application which provides system info and tools like root checker.
D-Info is an aplication which provides the user with all the sytem information or otherwise about their device.

Galactic Seizure - Discontinued

An epic retro space scrolling shooter BUT this is not any normal retro arcade game as it has a worldwide online scoreboard. Galactic Seizure is a simple yet difficult game to conquer there are many waves of enemys which you must destroy to obtain the ultimate high score and be the best in the world.

Jewel Rush - Discontinued

Based on the epic adventures of the Atari classic Chips Challenge. In this adventure/mind boggling game you must take your character through the most dangerous yet awesome levels in his quest.

Galactic Survival - On GooglePlay

A highly addictive game where you have to swipe your finger to avoid getting hit by the platforms. See what score you can achieve and try to beat your friends on the global google play leader boards as well as boosting your google play XP with a selection of available achievements to earn!

Sweep Master - On GooglePlay

A light tool for professional junk cleaning & CPU Cooler for android devices. With this app you can easily clean your phone and get more internal ROM storage as well as create more free RAM!

Email: rawdev35@gmail.com
Phone: +44 (0)7517138674